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Become an “Open City”

What makes a municipality more than an administrative or geographical concept? The research and necessity to be the base for civic forms of developmentand humans possibilities or to use the expression of Ebenezer Howard, a pragmatic social reformer and city major, the splendid possibility of a new civilization based on service to the community.

We have to see a municipality as an authentic form of civilization able to develop an identity, cultural, economic, historical, making its power of expression to emerge from the typical anonymity of bureaucracies and to change the way people perceive the area they live in: its identity, image and in some cases, its uniqueness enhance the attractiveness of its products and services making it desirable for citizen the local life.

But in order to be a not transient form of civilization municipalities will have to be able to cope with continuous demographic, economical and social changes dictated by the globalization.

Putting local identity at the center of their territorial strategies makes municipalities able to chart new paths of development recovering and regenerating neglected and even forgotten resources to turn them into territorial values.

In a context of democracy, decentralization and autonomous decision making process the success or failure of municipal programs depends on how the various stakeholders interests and relations are managed, namely on how the municipality as a collective intelligence will shape its future by organizing available resources in a context of market economy and economic scarcity.

To this end municipalities have to manage resources rationally overcoming the contrast between economics and ecology to face the environmental issue and the conflicts among divergent stakeholders interests.

The Open City is a municipality understood as a new form of social and economic civilization: a place open to social innovation and progress where citizens are protagonists of this progress and where conflicts are turned into positive energies.

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